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how to make moneyHow to make money fast Is probably the reason you have come to FruitPicking.org because you need quick cash. If you need to make money now then fruit picking can have dollars rolling in today and quickly bulking up you bank account.

However there are a few tricks to getting the best paid jobs in this industry and probably the best "secret" is to make friends with a seasoned and experienced harvest worker who are usually Australian or Kiwi.

These professional pickers know all the tricks of the trade, the best regions to be and what particular times of the year and the cheapest way to live while working.

However many backpackers are also a wealth of good current information also about farms offering good pay and excellent conditions and almost always will happily share the "juice". Also ask the reception staff at backpacker hostels if they know of any good picking jobs or if there are any backpackers staying who you should talk to. Ask to see their notice board as these are a secret treasure trove of outstanding first hand information about jobs, cheap cars and other necessities you need to make good money fast on the harvest trail.

Try Tasmania to make fast money as it oftens has really well paid jobs, great conditions and the island is breathtakingly beautiful! If you get the right job $200 to $300 a day is absolutely possible and happens frequently. Cherries can be particularly well paid in the right conditions!