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TFN are personal and only one TFN will be issued to you for your lifetime. Therefore it is essential for you to keep it secure.

TFN - Tax File Number - make sure you get one Like any person in Australia you will need a tax file number before you can start to work. A TFN is a unique number issued to a person by the Tax Office. While you do not have to have a TFN, it is to your advantage to have one. Without a TFN you could end up being taxed the highest taxation rate which is an expensive 45 cents in the dollar and you won't be able to lodge a tax return either.

To claim your tax you just need a few things. See above.

Tax returns With a TFN, non resident Australians pay 29% tax on their earnings when making less than $37,000 a year. By the end of the financial year in June or when you leave Australia you will be able to claim some of that tax back.

There are several contributing factors such as work-related expenses etc. but in many cases a tax return could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Get a TFN - It is free and it is well and truly worth it!

When lodging your tax return It is a good idea to do it through a professional tax agent who specialises in handling tax claims for travellers. There are a lot of them but it is a good idea to choose an Australian company with a "no tax refund, no fee" policy. Choose an agent who advertises their licence number and has a flat "one-off" fee. Before you sign contracts and hand over your personal information make sure you read the tax agents policies first to avoid any hidden expenses.

Enjoy working in Australia!