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2ND Working Holiday visa

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Just when you thought it was "All Over Red Rover" - you get an opportunity to stay another year! The Australian Second Working Holiday Visa Scheme offers young travellers in Australia aged 18 – 30 to extend their visa for another twelve months if they complete three months (88 full working days) of specified work, such as fruit picking work in Regional Australia. Yes, you heard right...fruit and vegetable picking work can get you another year Down Under!

2ND year visa info here..
Get all the information you'll need about the 2ND Working Holiday visa by following the link here!

To be eligible for a second Working Holiday visa.. you must meet a number of requirements but most of all you must have completed three months of SPECIFIED WORK (see below) in REGIONAL AUSTRALIA (see below for special postcodes) while on your first Working Holiday visa. You will be required to provide evidence of this when applying for your second year visa so make sure the work you do under your first Working Holiday visa meets the requirements! Once you get your 2ND Working Holiday visa there is no requirement to do further work so you can just relax, enjoy your travels or if you wish simply continue to work your way around Australia. It's great!

For information on types of specified work, providing evidence and the calculation of three months simply follow the link above!

Remember it has to be specified work Specified work is any type of work that is undertaken in a "specified" field or industry. Examples of specified work which can be found are; harvesting and/or packing fruit and vegetable crops, general maintenance crop work, pruning and trimming vines and trees or cultivating or propagating plants, fungi or their products or parts. Remember that "Specified Work" does not need to be paid work. Work undertaken as a volunteer or through the Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) scheme may also qualify if the work undertaken falls within the specified work definition.

Before you start working simply check the "Postcode List" above to ensure you are heading down the right track!

And don't forget The specified work you do must actually be done within an eligible Regional Australia postcode area. Work that is completed in a non-eligible postcode area for an employer and whose office or post office box is not in a regional Australia postcode area does not meet the requirement. So if you are planning to do fruit picking work to get your 2ND Working Holiday visa, you must make sure that you will be working in an eligible postcode area. Not all postcodes in Australia are part of the Working Holiday Program. For example some postcodes in the Hunter Valley do not fit within the definition of "Regional Australia" and work there won't count towards your 2ND Working Holiday visa.